Sunday, March 20, 2011

Parallel Seventeen (P17)

A group of us met on Sunday for brunch at P17 in Uptown, Denver. This time we were a bit more organized, and Margarita made reservations for the seven of us.

I'd met a friend here for lunch a few years back, and remembered it was good - and plus it's one of those places that kind of has a buzz about it - so we were eager.

The space is beautiful and comfortable.  The food is Vietnamese-inspired, with everything from pho to omelettes on the brunch menu.
We ordered a few of the large carafes of the French press coffee (which was a highlight of the meal), two side orders of the stuffed French toast, and a few cocktails (the lychee bellini, Mary's bloody Thai chili, and a bloody sake).  Everything was lovely and delicious.
side of blueberry-stuffed French toast (a winner!)

lychee bellini and Mary's bloody Thai chili (both delicious!)
We ordered different entrees for breakfast.  The croque madame (although Felix still has the best croque madame in town), the P17 omelette, the eggs any way you like them, the blueberry stuffed French toast and the vermicelli salad.  All sounded delightful.

Our food arrived, and those of us who had side salads were disappointed in the wilted, slimy mesclun mix.  It was so bad, in fact, that we sent the salads back and the waitress brought us new ones (which weren't much better).  The omlette (despite being green with herbs) was underseasoned, dry and rather tasteless.  The eggs any way you like them were fine, the croque madame was "okay" with runny, muculent whites.  The French toast got rave reviews and the vermicelli salad was good.

P17 omelette
eggs any way you like them
croque madame - with wilty salad
Overall, the meal left us all slightly disappointed, as we'd all really wanted it to be better than it actually was.  The service wasn't great either - which we found out later wasn't a surprise as the tip was included (at 20% and post-tax) in our bill as we had more than 6 in our party. The kicker was as we were paying and change was returned (they gave us individual checks, which was nice) amounts were rounded up and change was returned without coins and with lots of singles.  Even if the service (and food) had warranted a higher-than-20% tip, it should have been our decision to make.

I'm sorry to say we probably won't go back to P17 for brunch.  Perhaps we should have ordered the pho...

1600 East 17th Avenue, Denver 80218

Open PHO Lunch
Monday – Friday from 11:30am – 3pm
Open for Dinner
Sunday – Thursday from 3pm - 10pm
Friday and Saturday from 3pm - 11pm
Open for Brunch
Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 3pm

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  1. Guess I'm not sorry I missed this. HA! I think I had a better experience than y'all did but that was over a year ago. I have enjoyed dinner there. :)

  2. Yeah - I met Whit there for lunch a few years back and remember enjoying the meal. Oh well, may have been a fluke...come with us next time!

  3. That sounds very interesting, I'll be sure to try Mary's bloody Thai chili. Thanks.