Monday, May 23, 2011

Cozy Cottage, Denver

Well, we're continuing along the Tennyson trail, and we headed back to Berkeley to the Cozy Cottage with my mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my youngest nephew.  Since there were 6 of us, I called ahead for a reservation.  They actually called me back later and asked if we wanted a table inside or outside.  What a nice service touch!  We opted to dine al fresco, since it was a beautiful day. We arrived and our table was ready so we were seated right away.
They've recently redone the space, and it is just lovely.  The patio is gorgeous and is a perfect spot to sit and sip coffee and catch up with family.

The service was really excellent.  The coffee came and was refilled often.  The prices were reasonable.
Mom got the Spanish frittata.  My bro got the all meat breakfast burrito.  Dean also got a breakfast burrito.  My SIL and I both got the Greek omelette with a side of fruit.  My nephew got the pancakes from the kids menu.  We ordered a side of buckwheat pancakes for the table which were unfortunately the weakest part of the meal.  They were dry and without a hint of airiness.
Spanish frittata

breakfast burrito

Greek omelette

kids menu pancakes
The food was good.  Probably the best part of the experience was the atmosphere and the service, both were amazing (despite what the Yelp reviews say, our service was great).  The pancakes were unfortunately not terrific, but the eggs were delicious.  The coffee was decent, and since they don't have a liquor license, no adult beverages.  We will likely return to sample other parts of the menu.

4363 Tennyson Street Denver, CO
Dine In / Carry OutOpen Daily 7am - 3pm
Ph. 720-855-9800

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